Rutter Carroll

Rutter Carroll - Architect
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Rutter Carroll was born and educated in the North east of England. He worked for Ove Arup before deciding on a career in architecture. Rutter gained a first class honours degree at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, spending a number of years in practice before taking up a career in academia

He has taught at the Universities of Leeds, Northumbria, Huddersfield and Birmingham, writing a number of articles on post war architecture, reinforced concrete and structural engineering many of which have been published in learned journals

Rutter completed a Masters Degree at the University of York on the work of Ryder and Yates which led to his meeting Gordon Ryder in 1984 and marking the beginning of an association that lasted until Gordon's death in 2000

Since then he has continued to promote the importance of the contribution made by Ryder and Yates in the history of modern architecture both locally and nationally in a series of lectures and seminars to local and national societies

Rutter now resides in Newcastle with his wife Kathleen. Amongst his passions are watching Newcastle United with his son James and helping to restore a Ryder and Yates house, recently purchased by James and his partner Lizzie

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