Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I remember long long a go in those glorious days of slim youth....t'was late 1970's and it was my birthday near...my mother asked what I wanted for my birthday..."Rider boots!" I replied with consummate ease...these were the latest fashion, I was 13?...my horrible mother promised me the earth...my birthday arrived...I eagerly ran to the front room of the split level...there was my present, all wrapped lovingly by mumsie...no doubting what...a shoe box....I raz razzed it open eagerly...inside was...a pair of  SECOND HAND brown-not black as I had asked for- riders :(....I asked my horrible mother what the hell was going on..."Oh, these are almost new...they belonged to WW-he's hardly worn them" replied my idiot mother proudly...(Walter White, you will recall from another post-The Rosetta Stone)...WW's mother and mine were close..his ghastly mother had 'kindly' donated the second hand boots to my dolt of a mother.....can you imagine the shame and humiliation?...me being forced to wear WW's cast of bloody riders?...and people knew...people pointed and laughed...this ruined my life....

Friday, April 18, 2014


Who?...what?....why?....how?....where?....(in the blue tory posh zone..Byrness Close)....It's a war zone out there :(....    I chanced upon this horrible dreadfulness on you tube...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Rosetta Stone

There was a chap I knew when I was young and alive...I shall call him...WW...now WW at one point lived in the green 'good' zone like your humble narrator(me), but for some reason his family was always moving about on the estate, hence he had lived in all three zones(Blue-tory-posh-top part of estate, green-middle-good-normal like me, red-bad-danger zone down the bottom-ruffians and bounders I remember all the houses he lived in)anyway, this meant that WW was indeed a living embodiment of the Rosetta Stone...so for example if he went up into the blue zone did the posh kids run away from him full of fear and trepidation as he was a scary green normal like they did from me when I was alive?...NO!...indeed they would gallop towards him aka playing horsies and ask him to join them in their equestrian/ sword fencing game and such like...and if he went down the red danger zone and entered a darkened alley was he accosted by powerful bruiseboys and tolchocked black and blue on the litso and plott?...NO!...indeed he was welcomed into shadows of the night ...so WW could go all over the estate.....more, he could speak 3 dialects of Kenton Bar speak:posh 3/4 tongued geordie (blue zone), normal 1/2 tongued geordie(green zone) and 1/4 tongue geordie (red zone)....therefore he was a most useful companion to roam about with, for the purposes of translation and safety....two more posts bout him soon...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Skateboard Route 2

This is what I would consider as route 2. It started at the top of Fawlee Green and kind of petered out on Ryal Walk near the flats as basically you would run our of steam because of no more inclines. This was the most dangerous route, especially at the bottom of Fawlee Green turning into a blind corner. I came head to head one time with some kid on a Chopper coming up the hill and he squealed like a stuck pig and miraculously

I was unhurt



Friday, April 11, 2014

They are coming!!!

Daffodils planted by a group of neighbours and children from Kenton Bar Primary School last Autumn are starting to peak through! Come on lads!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Bike Route 2 and Skateboard Route 1

This is bike route 2. Just as fast but all on pavement and IMHO twice as dangerous except for the death corner on route 1. This route is Very bad for pedestrians.
Start at the top of Ryal Walk, pedal like crazy al the way. Hill starts to flatten out around the area where Byrness Close and Ryal Walk cross. Keep peddling uphill towards the shops. Tear past the entrance to the infants school and hurtle past the mail box, keeping it on the right of you. Approach the top of the Pyrry bank and apply read breaks whilst turning skidding into the bank itself, foot down is a sissy option……. storm down the Pyrry bank and do a left or right skid at the bottom onto the tarmac. Voila – route 2 completed. Skid zone at the top of the Pyrry bank is marked in a red crescent. This ropute is more exciting than route 1 because of the dangers of pedestrians and also because the route itself is much narrower with houses on both sides almost all the way.
Skateboarding this same route is equally exhilarating BUT you can only get as far as the first flat bit (Byrness/Ryal crossing) before you run out of steam

Bike Route 1

Bike-Route-1This is what I would call the premier bike route. It was certainly the fastest, I never tried it on a racing bike but I did do it full pelt on a Chopper a few times and reached a speed of approx. 45 MPH in the old money. The route was Hazeldene all the way. Starting at the junction of Hazeldene Avenue and Kenton Lane the first sections was a shallow incline followed by a flat section in front of the T1a houses. A 90 degree right turn into the first hill section, pedal like crazy….. and reach maximum phase 1 speed at the bottom of the hill around Byrness Close then into a flat section until just after Dr. Raj’s surgery then into the second hill. Down, down, down – peddling like mad – max speed reached around Laverock Place and if you are bold – keep peddling like mad…. and into the hard right death corner at the bottom of the hill. This is marked with a red dot on the diagram. This corn was notorious for car crashes and in fact the fence here was always a different colour from the rest as it had been replaced so often….coast around the corner at full speed then a gentle flat section and a slight uphill to the finish. I reckon all told about a mile but great fun and sooooo fast.

Click on the image for the full size version. Thanks to the GREAT Google Maps for the photos.

Friday, March 28, 2014

In Preparation For Skate/Bike Routes Post…..

Bike routes – these spammed the length of the estate as bicycles by their very nature are sort of powered (by your legs you fool……). Personally I remember only two really memorable bike routes one of which I managed to do on my Chopper at 45 MPH as measured by my speedo.

Skate routes – these were mostly confined to the top part of the estate and sometimes as far down as the Pyrry Bank if you could get enough speed. For some reason not a lot of skating was done down past Reestones/Mallowburn – I guess because of the large flat part along Hartburn/Stubbon (sic) Walk made it harder to skateboard here


Thunder in the Sun

When I was young on our beloved Kenton Bar Estate I remember watching this film...I was fascinated by it, and in particular the war cry of the Basques...I distinctly recall playing out after watching the film with some other green(good zone) vecks under the flats by her majesty(The Pyramid)at Reestones and jumping of the binsheds to the garage roof etc doing the warcry(Under the flats you got good echo)

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